PILOT ROAD 3 The new MICHELIN Pilot Road 3, which targets the rapidly expanding Sport Touring Radial tire market, combines unprecedented performance with the marketplace's best-balanced overall performance package. In terms of both the grip it provides on wet roads and the consistency of the performance it delivers over time, the newcomer even surpasses its predecessor, the MICHELIN Pilot Road 2, which was launched in 2007 and which went on to be acclaimed as the segment's benchmark. The MICHELIN Pilot Road 3's development fits perfectly with Michelin's strategy with regard to innovation and was principally geared to ensuring enhanced safety for motorcyclists. Download the full press kit To this end, grip plays a major role.As the sole point of contact between a vehicle and the ground, tires are a part of the solution, in dry, wet and damp conditions alike, and the new MICHELIN Pilot Road 3 shortens stopping distances on wet roads by an average 2.5 metres *, which is equivalent to the width of a pedestrian crossing. The gain is even as high as five metres in conditions where grip is particularly at a premium. In addition to marking a real breakthrough with regard to enhanced grip and safety, the overall package provided by the new MICHELIN Pilot Road 3 is equally uncompromising when it comes to ensuring long tire life and the consistent delivery of performance over time. This progress was made possible thanks to two major breakthroughs. The first of these breakthroughs is the incorporation of an innovative technology fine-tuned by Michelin - MICHELIN XST (X Sipe Technology) - which features a revolutionary tread pattern (the part in contact with the road). MICHELIN XST is based on a combination of sipes and "wells" which enable the tire to cut through the film of water and increase its water clearance capacity to obtain a level of grip similar to that of a dry road. The second breakthrough is the latest-generation MICHELIN 2CT (Two-Compound Technology), an evolution which maximises the life expectancy of the MICHELIN Pilot Road 3. In a nutshell, this technology consists of a combination of a softer rubber for the shoulders and a more resistant compound for the central part of the tread.

Pilot Road 3

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