MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 5 The wet weather performance of a USED MICHELIN� Road 5 tire is as good as a NEW MICHELIN� Pilot� Road 4 tire thanks to our revolutionary patented MICHELIN XST Evo water drop sipes, which grow wider mile after mile. Improved dry grip and stability provided by Michelin�s patented ACT+ casing technology for more riding pleasure without sacrificing mileage. NEW MICHELIN� XST EVO WATER DROP SIPES In 2011 Michelin revolutionized motorcycle tire design with the introduction of MICHELIN XST patented siping technology on MICHELIN� Pilot� Road 3 tires, and enhanced it in 2014 on MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tires with MICHELIN XST+ technology. As a result, these major innovations help Sport Touring riders gain more confidence in their riding � particularly on wet roads. Michelin�s current XST siping is designed to evacuate water efficiently, which helps to increase confidence on wet roads. However, as the tire tread becomes worn, the ability to disperse water is naturally reduced. The all new MICHELIN Road 5 tire features patented MICHELIN XST Evo siping technology, based on Michelin�s proven Evergrip� tire tread design for automobiles. Michelin developed this evolution in siping technology to help ensure exceptional wet grip even as the tire becomes worn. As MICHELIN Road 5 tires wear, the siping grooves widen to allow increased water displacement. MICHELIN XST Evo siping technology offers added confidence on wet roads over a longer period of the tire�s treadlife.

Road 5

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